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Better Sleep Starts Here

You are tired of bedtime battles.

You don't want to dread putting your child to bed.

The middle of the night wakings are exhausting you.

Or maybe you just want your own bed back.

You are in the right place.

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Meet Your Sleep Expert

I am Meredith Whitney, Certified Sleep Consultant, Mama of 4 and a Baby & Toddler Sleep Expert. 

You want to create a bedtime routine and experience that you love and look forward to rather than dread. This is where I come in. I eliminate the guesswork and create custom sleep solutions that will eliminate bedtime battles and turn bedtime into a dream. 

 The Approach

All services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your child and your family. Comprehensive services including a detailed sleep evaluation, online support, custom sleep plans & schedules, home visits & night support. Contact me for more information.

Personalized Sleep Evaluation

Virtual & In-Home Services

Customized Sleep Plans

Signature Support

Success Guranteed

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  • In-Home Sleep Support

    Available in the GTA, Simcoe and York Regions Only
    • Detailed Sleep Evaluation
    • 1 hour Consultation (Via Phone or Google Meet)
    • The Signature Sleep Strategy
    • Night 1 In-Home Support
    • 4 Follow Up Phone Calls (15 Minutes Each)
    • 2 Weeks of Unlimited Text Messages
    • 3 Months of Extended Email Support For Troubleshooting
    • *Payment Plans Available*
  • Most Popular

    1:1 Virtual Sleep Support

    A personalized sleep strategy + my signature support.
    • Detailed Sleep Evaluation
    • 1 Hour Consultation (Via Phone or Google Meet)
    • The Signature Personalized Sleep Strategy
    • Text Support On Night 1 of Program Until Child Falls Asleep
    • 4 Follow Up Phone Calls (15 Minutes Each)
    • 2 Weeks of Unlimited Text Message Support
    • *Payment Plans Available*
  • Group Sleep Support

    Want to tackle your sleep woes as part of a group? Spaces are limited to ensure the best service.
    • Detailed Sleep Evaluation
    • 30 Minute Private Consultation (Via Phone or Google Meet)
    • A Personalized Sleep Strategy
    • 4 One Hour Group Sessions (Once Per Week)
  • Ask Me Anything

    Just have a question? This is for you.
    • 30 Minute Consultation (Via Phone or Google Meet)
    • Detailed Questionnaire Outlining Sleep Issue

What Clients Say

"Meredith was wonderful to work with to help get our 2.5 year old to go to bed easily and sleep through the night. We felt she listened and understood our challenges, and provided a plan that used elements we hadn't tried before and were comfortable with. Her dedicated follow-up and encouragement helped us stay consistent and be successful. Thank you Meredith for helping us get our evenings flowing better and our uninterrupted sleep back!"


"Meredith helped me with night sleep and naps and it has been a life changer for us both! My daughter is well rested and happier and so am I! Meredith was always very calm and pleasant, she truly cared about our sleep journey and was always there to help! I highly suggest reaching out to Meredith! I would recommend Meredith to my friends, family or anyone who is needing help or just need that person to be there to help them with sleeping training. Thank you Meredith!!!!"


My 2 year daughter has always been breastfed to sleep and co-slept whenever she woke up. She would wake up 4-6 times a night and only went back to sleep in my bed on the breast. This went on every single night for 2 years since birth. My daughter has never slept through the night. Meredith is AMAZING!!! She set up a personalized sleep training schedule for me and my baby! After 2 days she caught on and was sleeping through the night with only one wake up. After the third and fourth day she was sleeping 10 hours and no wake ups! Meredith scheduled phone calls for troubling shooting and was always available through text! Thank you so much Sleep Savvy! Our lives have changed for the better with a sleeping baby!!


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